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If you work in construction, workshops, or need a high-powered drill, an industrial drill is the ideal type of tool for you. Not only because their grip is ideal for maintaining the firmness and good control over the instrument, but also because they can be presented as large drilling machines that can be put to better use because of their ability to drill large objects.

What is an industrial drill?

An industrial drill is both a machine and a tool. These types of drills are widely used in machine shops, to be able to mechanically drill as many holes as possible in the parts that are manufactured in these places. These machines stand out among the others because their handling is relatively simple.

They have two movements when working that allow them to make their way through almost any material, one is the rotation of the drill (the tool rotates and allows clearing the area) and the second is the advance, that is to say, the penetration of the drill, movement by which it will go through the material of your choice. This can be done manually or automatically.

There are many types of industrial drills. These have a cast iron base, and the height of the head is adjustable to be able to place the heavy workpieces without having problems with their size because they will be well secured. This type of industrial drill has some particularities, which make it one of the favorite tools.

Models of industrial drills: pillar, radial arm, and multiple spindles

There are two main types of industrial drills. One is the upright drill and the other is the industrial drill. Both are made for heavy-duty work; however, both are important as they will allow you to work with different types of materials in different positions as required.

As demands grow, drilling machines are adapting to what they need to provide an excellent service, in a considerable time, and with the best quality.

Multi-spindle drill

For industrial work in series, there are several machines that are also very efficient, such as the multi-spindle drilling machine. This machine has a drilling head equipped with several spindles driven by the main spindle. It allows several holes to be drilled in a single working stroke.

Row and turret drilling

The row drilling machine is capable of performing several different machining processes on a single workpiece. You can perform processes such as drilling, countersinking, and reaming.

CNC Drills

Finally, CNC or numerical control technology is very popular among drills today. CNC drills comprise fully automated equipment that is designed to perform multiple holes very quickly, as well as other processes. These drills have a self-aligning drill bit system, water cooling of the drill bits during the drilling process to prevent overheating, a work table, and the capacity to handle workpieces up to approximately 100mm thick or greater.

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