Modern Patio Covers

Modern Patio Covers

The outdoor patio cover takes considerable work and money to construct, and you want to make sure you use the suitable materials and skills to put up the exact style and design you prefer. The following is a brief breakdown of modern patio covers and how our covers will serve to better the aesthetics and functions of your patio.

Everything About Patio Covers

Types Of Patio Roof Covers


Awnings are some of the earliest versions of modern patios, which have paved the way for the more sleek and modern ones in the market today. Some awnings have advanced technology to customize the shade and cooling capabilities, such as retracement systems that allow more cooling when it gets hot.


Pergolas are freestanding options that are primarily applicable for walkways and decks. They are available in several designs, so you should be able to find a style that matches your home's architecture and works excellently to regulate the heat. Pergolas can be built with several different materials, which is excellent for finding alternative options that reduce the need for regular cleaning, scraping, and painting.


The shade design resembles that of an umbrella hence its name. You can group all of these shades for a more ample shade and better ability to block out the sunlight.


The contemporary shade structure is thinner and more straightforward and uses the kind of material that can withstand a lot of sunlight for an extensive period. The best lattice shade is soft and generally has a better appearance because it is lighter and more flexible.

Most Common Patio Cover Materials

The material will determine how the patio performs and how long it will last concerning the weather. Some common patio cover materials include:

  1. Vinyl is more cost-effective and lightweight, so it is common for homeowners who would like to save a little extra cash.
  2. Wood has a sophisticated and expensive look and lasts longer, especially with better finishing and exteriors.
  3. Aluminum is the best of all materials because it needs little to no maintenance and is highly unlikely to receive damages due to cracking, rotting, and cracking.
  4. Elitewood combines the features of wood, vinyl, and aluminum and is, therefore, more superior than all of them combined. We recommend choosing this option if you want the best aesthetics and functionality.

Why Us?

Smart Patio Plans consists of innovators and distributors of modern patio covers and can give you a mix of different types of covers to suit all your needs. Our team has a valid license for the business, proper certifications, and experience on many different kinds of products.

Make sure you go through our site to list all types of deck covers in-store and contact us if you need something different. Our team will stay in touch throughout the project's progress and guarantee you have an accurate idea of the design before producing the physical item.

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Modern Patio Covers