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As a Geo-Insulation customer, you will experience high quality, personalized service for your attic, walls and crawl space insulation. Not only will your project be completed by a courteous, friendly, and professional installer, but you will also receive extras, such as 12-month Animal Wildlife Control included with most other insulation services. In addition, new attic insulation, whether you choose foam or fiberglass insulation, will help you save money on monthly utility bills, extend the life of your air conditioning system, provide basic sound proofing, standardize air quality and home temperature.

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Geo-Insulation specializes in open/closed cell foam, fiberglass attic insulation, and radiant barrier spray in San Antonio. While most of our work is residential, we also offer our services to commercial clients.

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Properly insulating your home or building helps to maintain comfortable temperatures year-round. No matter what kind of insulation you currently have in your attic, you can quickly determine if you need more by looking across the span of your attic. If your insulation level is below your floor joists and less than 14 inches deep you should add more loose fill fiberglass insulation. It is important that the insulation be evenly distributed because sometimes there is enough insulation in the middle of the attic but very little along the eaves.

Insulation levels are specified by R-Value, which is a measure of the insulation’s ability to resist heat flow. The higher the R-Value, the better the thermal performance of the insulation. The recommended level for most attics is to insulate to R-38 or about 13 to 14 inches.

CPS Energy presently offers a rebate program to help offset the cost of adding insulation to your attic floor or foam insulation on the attic roof decking. For additional information please contact Tom Porter, (210) 848-5658 or visit CPS Energy Rebate Program website.

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Geo-Insulation is available to help with any questions regarding your insulation needs. Geo-Insulation has detailed information on residential services such as:

  1. Insulation Removal and Disinfection (Attic and Residence)
  2. New Loose Fill Fiberglass Insulation
  3. Radiant Barrier
  4. Open/Closed Foam Insulation
  5. Animal Wildlife Control
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