Crawl Space foam insulation is very effective for multiple reasons

1. Closed Cell Foam has the highest R-Value on the Market

Closed-cell spray foam insulation has the highest R-value of any insulation on the market today, at R-7 per inch. Closed cell foam is the most advantageous aspects of spray form insulation over open cell foam insulation.

Spray foam insulation expands as it cures and fills in all the nooks, cracks and crannies that would otherwise be left open for heat transfer. Closed cell spray foam creates an air tight seal against all incoming hot or cold air.  Fiberglass still permeable to winds, the seal of spray foam insulation is 20 times less permeable to air infiltration than other types of insulation.

Energy savings are proportionally superior when closed cell foam insulation is installed as an insulation barrier. Closed cell spray foam insulation provides cost savings at a consistent rate of 50% or better.

2. Moisture Barrier

Closed cell spray foam insulation is impermeable to water or moisture.  If there is some flooding in the area, the spray foam insulation will not absorb any of the moisture. Also, material that is covered will be protected from the moisture. Estimated 90% of the moisture in your residence is in the air, this prevents moisture accumulation or permeation extremely well.

3. Air-tight Seal

Closed cell spray foam insulation creates an airtight seal. Air leaks in your residence can contribute significantly to nearly as much to your utility bill.  Closing air gaps, you save energy, money and you increase the air quality in your home by preventing that unfiltered air from circulating into your residence.

4. Mold Growth is Deterred

Closed cell spray foam insulation is made from an inert polymer, it provides no food source for mold or bacteria.

Additional Benefits of Closed Cell Foam for Insulating a Crawl Space

1.     Reduces dust into the residence.
2.    Seals from allowing critters to enter into the house via the crawl space.

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