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Signs You Are Missing Insulation

Insulation is vital for your home. Not only will;l you be able to preserve energy coming in and out of your homes or help lower your electric consumption, but insulation is a must-have if you want your homes to have no or less damage through time. 

As someone who has a home, you should know if you have insulation at home or installed before purchasing a house. If you are unsure if insulation is present, you must the look out for the following signs.

Signs of a Missing Insulation

You Have Higher Energy Bills.

One of the benefits you can get when your house is insulated is a lower energy bill. This is also the easiest way to check if you are missing insulation. When a home is not protected, your HVAC system consumes too much electricity to adjust to the sudden changes in temperature.

Chilly Drafts

Another benefit of having insulation is that it keeps your house warm. If you can feel a chill even if the windows and doors are closed, it only means there is no insulation. This is best done during the cold months and when your heater runs but can still feel chilly air.

Cold or Damp Walls

Insulation in homes prevents moisture and moisture damage. Another sign of missing insulation is when there is moisture buildup on your walls. Moisture will destroy your home, so insulation is necessary.

Wet Spots on Ceiling

The same concept as the damp walls, ceilings should be insulated to keep them dry and avoid developing molds. You can quickly check when insulation is not installed in ceilings, you will notice wet spots, and sometimes droplets will fall. To prevent this, check the attic first if there are holes. Also, check the roof for holes and repair them immediately before it becomes a serious and damaging problem.

Mold or Mildew

Molds can slowly eat away your walls or ceiling if left unattended. Not only that, but they pose health hazards as well. Molds and mildew can host an environment where allergens can develop, and dust mites can thrive and cause health problems for a family.

Pest Infestation

Pests only need a small hole to create an entrance. If the house is not insulated, it will most likely be infested with pests as there is no barrier to entering the house. Insulation can prevent pest infestation and also save you from spending on an exterminator.

Insulations are essential for homes. They are beneficial for the house and the people living in it. If you see these signs in your house, you might have an insulation problem. Contact a professional insulation company to cater to your needs. Avoid using DIY insulation if you don’t want to spend more on repairs.

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