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How Quality Insulation Can Keep Pests Out of Your Home

Pests are the grossest thing that could happen to your beautiful home. No matter what kind of pest there is, they will always bother you and ruin your beautiful home. To let these pests out, there is one solution available – insulation.

Insulation is not only to keep your homes insulated from the weather but also a big help against rodents and other pests. It is pretty difficult to control pests if they have started taking over your home from you. But if you made a solution before the problem got worse, you can always save your home and yourself from the grossest visitors and creepy crawlers.

Does spray foam keep out mice, rodents, and pests?

The simple answer is YES. Mice and other rodents are attracted to food. When they think they can have food in between your walls, they will constantly be crawling in between, and you will always be surprised to know that they are there even if you made sure they have nowhere to crawl into. 

Spray foams offer no food value for pests. It helps to seal any cracks or crevices that pests may use to enter your home. They also create air seals that keep the air inside where it rightfully belongs.

Why should you use quality insulation?

When talking about quality, nothing beats insulations that experts in spray foam insulations already prove. Other installations may be able to help, but they do not last the way quality insulations were designed to be. Quality insulations were pretreated with boric acid that can help block pests and rodents, even the insects that will try to bite it.

Here is a list of why you should use quality insulations only.

  • Cost-efficient

Insulations are not cheap, but because they are efficient in blocking small cracks and crevices, you get your money’s worth. Better quality insulation will ensure that you keep your air inside your home and keep you warm on cold winter nights. They also last longer, so eventually, you will save on energy costs in the long run.

  • Increased comfort

You will live in a home with no pests and comfortable sleeping in or staying at any time of the day—maintaining the temperature sets better-quality insulation from other things other than keeping your home pest-free.

  • Flame retardant

One of the many advantages of spray insulation is that it is fire retardant. You will be confident that if there is a fire in one part of your home, it will not extend to other areas. It will be easier to stop the fire as it is contained in one site only.

  • Fungi and mold resistance

Fungi and mold can affect our health, but insulations can prevent their spores from contacting us. 

There are different kinds of insulation and will depend on what type your home needs. They have different purposes that may not be applicable to other problems. But they can all be reliable when it comes to preventing pests from entering your homes.

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